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Can you name the ends of the lines from the opening soliloquy from Richard III?

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Forced Order
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BeginningEndMissing Words
Now is the winter3
made glorious7
And all the clouds that4
in the deep bosom of the ocean1
Now are our brows bound3
Our bruised arms hung3
Our stern alarums4
Our dreadful marches3
Grim-visag'd war hath4
And now, instead of3
to fright the souls3
He capers5
to the 4
But I, that6
nor made to court an2
I, that am2
and want love's3
before a wanton2
I that am curtail'd4
cheated of feature by2
sent before2
BeginningEndMissing Words
into this breathing world4
and that so lamely and1
that dogs7
Why, I, in this weak4
have no delight to 4
unless to spy5
and descant on3
And therefore, since I cannot3
to entertain these3
I am determined to prove2
and hate the idle4
Plots have I laid,2
By drunken prophecies,3
To set my brother4
in deadly hate5
And if King Edward be as3
as I am4
This day should Clarence closely3
About a prophecy which3
Of Edward's heirs4
Dive, thoughts, down to my soul:3

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