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Can you name the endings of the lines of Gloucester's famous soliloquy from Shakespeare's Henry VI Part 3 (Act 3 Scen?

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Forced Order
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Ay, Edward will use2
Would he were wasted,4
That from his loins no4
To cross me from the5
And yet, between my4
The lustful Edward's title1
Is Clarence, Henry and4
And all the unlook'd-for4
To take their rooms ere I3
A cold premeditation for2
Why, then I do but3
Like one that stands3
And spies a6
Wishing his foot were4
And chides the sea that4
Saying, he'll lade it dry4
So do I wish6
And so I chide the means5
And so I say I'll cut3
Flattering me with1
My eye's too quick, my heart3
Unless my hand and strength3
Well, say there is no4
What other pleasure4
I'll make my heaven4
BeginningEndMissing Words
And deck my body3
And witch sweet ladies5
O miserable thought! and2
Than to accomplish3
Why, love6
And, for I should not deal4
She did corrupt frail nature3
To shrink mine arm up4
To make an envious4
Where sits deformity to3
To shape my legs4
To disproportion4
Like to a1
or an2
That carries no impression3
Am I then5
O, monstrous fault, to4
Then, since this earth5
But to command, to check,3
As are of4
I'll make my heaven5
And, whiles I live, to5
Until my mis-shap'd trunk4
Be round impaled4
And yet I know not how4
BeginningEndMissing Words
For many lives5
And I, like one lost4
That rends the thorns,6
Seeking a way,5
Not knowing how to4
But toiling desperately4
Torment myself to 4
And from that torment4
Or hew my way out4
Why, I can smile, 5
And cry7
And wet my cheeks3
And frame my face3
I'll drown more sailors4
I'll slay more gazers3
I'll play the orator4
Deceive more slyly3
And like a Sinon3
I can add colours3
Change shapes with3
And set the murderous3
Can I do this,5
Tut, were it farther off,4

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