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Forced Order
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Year of Birth
Year of Death
Town of Birth
In 1802, Beethoven wrote this testament
Nickname of 6th Symphony
Nickname of 29th Piano Sonata (Op 106)
Key of 3rd Symphony
To whom was this symphony originally to be dedicated
Poem set to music for the 9th Symphony
Key of 5th Symphony
Originally the final movement of the 13th String Quartet
Beethoven's only opera
Originally called...
Notable Tutor to Beethoven in Vienna
Op 120: Variations on a waltz by...
Famous bagatelle in A minor is Für _____
Common name of the second movement of the 6th Symphony
Which two symphonies were premiered at the same concert?
Whose first symphony is known as Beethoven's tenth?
Piano Sonata 21 Op 53 is known as...
Piano Sonata 23 Op 57 is known as...
Violin Sonata 9 Op 47 is known as...
Beethoven's nephew of whom he had custody
Op 56 is the ______ Concerto
Opus 1 is a collection of three...
Beethoven's last major work was Op 135, his 16th
In 1787, Beethoven is rumoured to have met
Which Piano Concerto is known as 'Emperor'?
What word links Op 35 with Op 55?
Tempo of the third movement of 'Les adieux' sonata

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