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Rhyme Time Actor/Year Movie Title
Michael Caine drinks Champagne and Steve Martin just Complains (1988)
Academy Award Honoree Sean Connery (1987)
Mike Myers' Spare Tires (1999)
Kevin Bacon is Shaken by Giant Worms (1990)
Extremely Frail Christian Bale (2004)
Finding the Proof with Shia LaBeouf (2007)
Dirty Little Wh*re Drew Barrymore (1992)
Tom Hanks Dodging Tanks (1998)
Rhyme Time Actor/Year Movie Title
Tom Booze Cruise (1988)
On a Chopper with Dennis Hopper (1969)
Kick-Ass Crazy Patrick Swayze (1989)
Nathan Lane Sings a 'Happy' Refrain (1996)
Sly was the Brains Kurt Russell was the Muscle (1989)
It's all about the Green with Charlie Sheen (1987)
At the end, Keanu Reeves Believes he's the One (1999)

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