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Can you name the EW's 25 Greatest Cult TV Shows Ever?

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CharactersTV ShowYears Running
1. The Doctor, The Master, Rose1963-present
2. Willow, Giles, Angel1997-2003
3. Lindsay Weir, Neal Schweiber, Daniel Desario1999-2000
4. Number Six, The Butler, Supervisor1967-1968
5. Special Agent Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer1990-1991
6. Captain Mal Reynolds, Zoe, Jayne2002
7. Boomer, Helo, Starbuck2003-2009
8. Angela Chase, Patty Chase, Rayanne Graff1994-1995
9. Mulder, Scully1993-2002
10. John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Pilot1999-2003
11. Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Sam Winchester2005-present
12. Arthur, American Maid, Sewer Urchin1994-1997
13. Logan Echolls, 'Weevil' Navarro, Keith Mars2004-2007
CharactersTV ShowYears Running
14. Jim Profit, Joanna Meltzer, Charles Henry Gracen1996
15. Ned, Chuck, Olive2007-2009
16. Cedric Daniels, Omar Little, Jimmy McNulty2002-2008
17. Agent Sarah Walker, John Casey, Captain Awesome2007-present
18. Valerie Cherish, Jane, Mickey Dean2005
19. Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, Joel1988-1999
20. Skank, Charles Manson1990-1993
21. Det. Frank Drebin, Captain Ed Hockin1982
22. Chris Peterson, Fred, Gladys, Larry1990-1992
23. Dr. Rusty, Hank, Dean2003-present
24. Isaac, Dana, Casey1998-2000
25. Catherine, Vincent, Paracelsus1987-1990

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