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Can you name the movie where Nicholas Cage can't leave town?

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Nicolas Cage is on his way out of town when he is mistaken for a hitman, asked to kill an unfaithful wife and stalked by Dennis Hopper.
After robbing a bank, Nicolas Cage and his two inept zany brothers try to escape from a small Pennsylvania town via car, bus, boat, hitchhicking and horse.
Crippled by depression and self loathing, Nicolas Cage can't leave town because of his extreme alchoholism and complicated relationship with a hooker with a heart of gold.
Nicolas Cage is forced to return to Los Angeles and can't leave until he steals 50 cars in order to save his brother.
Nicolas Cage would like to return to New Jersey, but is covered by piles and piles of rubble.
Nicolas Cage would like to return to NYC but is stuck in a town of an alternate universe until he learns the virtures of modest family life.
Nicolas Cage would like to leave an island, but circumstances require him to assist in an anti-Nazi, Greecian rebellion.
Nicolas Cage would like to leave an island, but can't until he finds his missing daughter.

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