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Can you name the movies or play where Sean Bean betrays people?

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Sean Bean betrays Nicolas Cage by first financing Cage’s work and then leaving him to be blown up in a century year old ship buried in ice.
Sean Bean plays a vengeful Lienz-Cossack who betrays agent 007 by faking his own death and capturing a powerful EMP satellite.
Sean Bean betrays the IRA along with Robert De Niro as he poses as an “arms expert” but is really just a phony looking for excitement.
Sean Bean betrays an entire nation, hatching a plan where his fellow countrymen appear to retreat from battle while leaving a deceptive gift at their enemies’ gate.
Sean Bean betrays his own oath and all of this film’s heroes when he tries to convince the tiny protagonist to give him the item they have all sworn to protect.
Sean Bean betrays Ewan McGregor, convincing him that he is in an isolated compound - the only place on Earth safe from a deadly pathogen - when, in fact, Ewan is a clone.
A young couple on a road trip offer a ride to Sean Bean, who then proceeds to threaten torture and torment them until he has messed their whole world up.
Sean Bean’s rampant desire to kill Harrison Ford leads him to betray his fellow members of the IRA.
Sean Bean goes to the West End and performs Shakespeare's greatest story of betrayal as he steps into the lead role of “The Scottish Play.”

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