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Forced Order
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The referee during the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff Quiditch matchPS
Slytherin ghostPS
described by Hagrid as a 'bloody coward'PS
Hagrid borrowed his flying motor bikePS
who Hermione knocked over on her way to set fire to SnapePS
The dragon which Hagrid boughtPS
flying teacherPS
petrified along with Justin Finch FletchlyCOS
head of the headless huntCOS
set up the dueling clubCOS
raiser of the mandrakesCOS
mastermind of the rogue bludgerCOS
captain of the Slytherin quiditch teamCOS
killed by the basaliskCOS
is actually a werewolfPOA
replaced the Fat Lady for a whilePOA
death eater who works as executioner at the ministryPOA
owned a time turnerPOA
owl given to Ron by Sirius BlackPOA
new care for magical creatures teacherPOA
left the list of passwords for Sirius Black to enter the Gryffindor common roomPOA
victim of Fred and George's Ton-Tounged toffeeGOF
murdered by Voldemort at the begining of the bookGOF
posed as Mad eye MoodyGOF
Headmaster of DurmstrangsGOF
accused of giving ministry information to the death eatersGOF
Durmstrangs championGOF
killed by WormtailGOF
sent the dementors after Harry and DudleyOOTP
Former girlfriend of CedricOOTP
house elf of the house of BlackOOTP
teacher who Umbridge attempted to sackOOTP
Hagrid's half brotherOOTP
the series main villainOOTP
argued with Harry about Voldemort's returnOOTP
Hagrid's pet who diedHBP
new potions teacherHBP
dated Dean ThomasHBP
befriended Moaning MyrtleHBP
poisoned by Draco MalfoyHBP
arrested by the ministry after Dumbledore's deathHBP
travelled with Dumbledore to find the horcruxHBP
biographer of Albus DumbledoreDH
Fell to his death after the bridge collapsed at the battle of HogwartsDH
brought down by Ron and Neville at the battle of hogwartsDH
who Voldemort tried to kill after she killed BellatrixDH
ironically floored by Arthur and Percy Weasley at the battle of HogwartsDH
owl killed at the begining of the bookDH
burned alive in the room of requirementDH
Bill Weasley's wifeDH

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