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QUIZ: Can you name the Towns (or areas) With Weird Names?

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CountryTownBonus Info
Stjordal, NorwayComes from the word hellir, meaning cliff in old Norse
North Yorkshire, EnglandRoyal Mail no longer delivers post to this area
Franklin County, AmericaAt an elevation of 1400 feet above sea level
Texas, AmericaName came from a custom in which settlers used a large wooden box to get their mail.
NewfoundlandDiscovered in 2000 BC
North Yorkshire, EnglandName is derived from Old english 'Crow'
Pennsylvania, AmericaThe movie 'Witness' was filmed here
America, New MexicoHolds a pie festival on the second Saturday of Each September
Sierra County, New MexicoHad the only franchise of K-Bob's Steakhouse owned by the company.
America, MissouriNamed after Gottfried Franken, a man who donated to the towns church in 1980
CountryTownBonus Info
Louisiana, AmericaThis town only takes up 1.3 square miles
East Yorkshire, England6 miles west of Driffield
America, MississippiThe movie 'My Dog Skip' is based in this city
DenmarkMeans 'central passage' in Danish
Hertfordshire, EnglandThis town comes from the anglo-saxon sentence - 'at the eastern hedged enclosure'
America, IdahoOriginally Proposed to be a US Air Force 'enemy village' target
America, TexasNamed after a 1912 confrontation in the town
Hampshire, EnglandThis area has had this name since Henry the VII's rule, in 1501
Devon, EnglandAdmiral Horatio Nelson died in this town

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