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Constructive eviction granted for water leak in office building. Boring case, boring clue.
Beachfront property has no value anymore? I'll buy some for $5...
Not a divorce case, but it sounds like one. Delivery must be made with intent to deliver.
Developer tries to break earlier promise by selling his last single-family lot to an apartment developer. Not cool.
Personally, I'd rather them have torn down the train station to build an ESPNZone. That's a landmark, right?
Shirley McLaine Parker doesn't have to mitigate; landlords do. Life is way better if you're a movie star.
Developer doesn't realize that cow manure stinks. Old people can't smell it anyways!
Tenant fails to pay rent on go-kart track after taking an assignment of the lease. It wasn't as fun as Caine's Arcade.
I think that chasing your neighbor's kids around threatening them is pretty much the definition of 'adverse.'
Two guys signing a lease have no idea what 'quiet enjoyment' is. They should have asked Dick Krej!
Nearly Headless Nick has trouble selling his home.
English case allows negative covenants not to develop. Finally those Brits get something right!
I and my soulless friends would probably like to live here. No dogs allowed!
Quasi-easement for sewage pipe under property. Would you prefer they just dug holes?
The more things change, the more subdivision CC&Rs remain the same.
Oil rigs create big nuisance. It's called Texas.
Apparently you can buy a house without providing your name, the price, or a signature. No wonder the housing market crashed.
You can't get damages if nobody cares that your house is destroying the wetlands. Neither can all those poor defenseless animals.
Fortunately, they don't need to reserve any parking spaces for ambulances.
The American Rule trumps the English Rule. A revolution in landlord-tenant law.
'Old Mother Hubbard / went to the cupboard / to give the poor dog a useless deed'
Obligation to maintain the land 'touches and concerns' the land. I'd say so.
Non-ghastly defects in a house must be disclosed too.
The implied warranty of habitability must not apply to Gropius dorms.
Sheriff sells foreclosed property to someone who doesn't know what a 'general warranty deed' is. Guess he could have sold it to pretty much anyone.
Variance granted to prevent undue hardship on man building beach house. #firstworldproblems
Irrevocable license granted for old dirt road. I thought we were finished with reliance after Contracts...
Aesthetic zoning restrictions are constitutional. And they still let Wasserstein happen?
This case involved the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. Can't make this stuff up.
Pretty much anything counts as 'public purpose' for eminent domain. So that's how Harvard built that skating rink!
This case is an encumbrance on my brain.
What's commercially unreasonable about shaking a sublessor down for more money?
The fox was killed on a 'wasteland' called the 'beach.' I guess the Jersey Shore hasn't changed since 1805.
Apparently this city wants very much to be known as a place where free speech is stifled.
Geometrical zoning plan upheld. Very geometrical.
Court allows pollution, as long as polluters pay permanent damages. Sort of like a judicial cap-and-trade thingy.
I bet the books they sell here are way more exciting than Dukeminier.
Landowners can't get damages for loss of minerals they never intended to use. Bad news for lazy people everywhere.
The scheme of this development probably didn't include a gas station in the center. Whoops!
Courts don't like self-help. Lousy liberals.
Elizabeth Warren would have loved this answer: 'Well, you can make the contract, even if courts won't enforce it...'
Bank fails to perform due diligence in foreclosure sale. Court awards little guy damages; Elizabeth Warren rejoices.
I drink your milkshake!
Zoning ordinance keeps poor kids out. They also could've just charged HLS tuition.
Old lady blocks hospital construction. At least she doesn't own cats.
From the deck of this guys beach house, he can look out and watch sailboats 'tacking' in the wind.

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