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If you look up 'age' in the dictionary, the picture by the second definition is Enfield.
Benzene, benzene, benzene!
Car regulation deemed 'arbitrary and capricious.' Would it have killed you to consider that air-bags only option? (Actually, it might have saved your life!)
'I celebrate myself, and sing myself'... and mourn the demise of nondelegation. Yes, that is a transcendentalist poetry reference.
Respecting state sovereignty, the court allows mandatory retirement for judges. Scalia should take the hint.
Know the best thing about stealing an airplane? You don't have to wait in lines at the DMV!
Whitefish smoked at any temperature still isn't as good as smoked salmon. Apparently we should still care how it's regulated.
Legislative history stinks! Can we also blame it for that oil spill up in Valdez?
If the ABA would just register as a corporation, it wouldn't have to worry about all this 'advisory committee' nonsense. Or campaign finance limitations.
If an underage person walks into a bar with an older person's ID, can he get off by saying the ID wasn't 'falsely made?'
Substantially all I know about this case is that substantially all of legislative history is useless. But the other 15% is great!
Postman goes postal. Saw that one coming from a mile away!
Stupid Scrivener! The New Year's Eve party was supposed to be last night!
John Manning loves this case so much, I think it might become his religion.
Chief Justice Taft couldn't fit in the White House bathtub. But boy, could he analyze the First Congress's stance on removal!
Nowadays, this case would involve Verizon. And FCC regulation of Angry Birds
I think the moral of this case is that agencies may make rules through restropsective adjudications. But the talk of utilities just makes me want to play Monopoly.
The federal government eats $100+ million on a dam project to save a little fish. Still a better use of money than the war in Iraq.
If I don't pass the bar, can I at least get paid for being an expert student?
LSD consumed off pages of the casebook would make LegReg very interesting...
A double-tiered removal restriction?!? Oh, the agony!
Remember that guy who got the $1.50 award in the civil rights case, because his fee was capped at 150% of damages? He should have cited this case.
If this case were a baseball team, it's rival would be the New Hampshire Red Sox.
An artist can sue for copyright infringement if someone illegally downloads from Napster, iTunes, or Pandora. Hello, Spotify!
Grandson kills grandfather for inheritance. Absurd!
Two-part tests of agency regulations are all the rage these days. Also, cheap gas.
A hidden assault rifle doesn't count as a concealed weapon. Nice! Want to come back to my place and see what else I've got concealed?
I hate playing sports shirtless. People always accuse me of 'using guns' to intimidate my opponents.
For some reason, this case name always sounds to me like something out of a video game. But actually it's a case about quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial functions.
The legislative veto was deported from the realm of Constitutionality.
Did we really spend an hour at Harvard Law School discussing the botanical classification of a tomoato?
This case provides the governing test for absurdity. Is that a bland enough description?
Independent Counsels are okay, because they don't take too big a bite out of Executive power. What was that, Mr. Nixon?
The high-water mark of nondelegation. That's really about all there is to say about it.
Textualism is all well and good... unless there's a delegation question. Then textualism vanishes, like a puff of smoke!
This case about equal 'working conditions' isn't on Wikipedia. I sense another great procrastination opportunity...

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