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Car-Related StuffCarHelpful information
Longest Production Car6499 mm, 255.9 inches
Longest Production Pickup Truck7137 mm, 281.0 inches
Longest Current Production SUV5700 mm, 224.4 inches
Longest Production SUV5758 mm, 226.7 inches
Shortest Current Production Car2695 mm, 106.1 inches (3rd gen.)
Shortest Production Car1340 mm, 52.8 inches
Widest Current Production Car2030 mm, 79.9 inches
Widest Production Car2105 mm, 82.9 inches
Widest Pickup Truck2438 mm, 96.0 inches
Widest SUV2197 mm, 86.5 inches
Narrowest Current Production Cars1475 mm, 58.1 inches
Narrowest Production Car990 mm, 39.0 inches
Tallest Current Production Car1641 mm, 64.6 inches
Tallest Production Car2550 mm, 100.4 inches
Tallest Current Production SUV1989 mm, 78.3 inches
Tallest Production SUV2042 mm, 80.4 inches
Lowest Current Production Car1015 mm, 40.0 inches
Car-Related StuffCarHelpful information
Lowest Production Car810 mm, 31.9 inches
Heaviest Current Production Car2745 kg, 6052 lb
Heaviest Production Car4800 kg, 10582 lb (Armored, at least 21 produced
Heaviest Production Coupé2721.5 kg, 6000 lb
Heaviest Pickup Truck6600 kg, 14551 lb
Heaviest Current Production SUV2846 kg, 6274 lb
Heaviest Production SUV3680.5 kg, 8114 lb
Lightest Current Production Car456 kg, 1005 lb
Lightest Production Car59 kg, 130 lb
Smallest Engine, Current Production CarInline 2, 624 cc, 38.1 cu in
Smallest Engine, Production Car49 cc, 3 cu in
Largest Engine, Current Production CarV10, 8390 cc, 512 cu in
Largest Engine, Production CarInline 6, 13503 cc, 824 cu in
Largest Engine, Limited Production CarV12, 46900 cc, 2862 cu in (Only one car ever produced)
Most Powerful Petrol Engine, Naturally AspiratedV12, 588.4 kW, 789 hp
Most Powerful Petrol Engine, Forced InductionTwin Turbo V8, 1000 kW, 1341 hp
Most Powerful Diesel Engine, Naturally AspiratedV8, 138 kW, 185 hp
Car-Related StuffCarHelpful information
Most Powerful Diesel Engine, Forced InductionTwin Turbo V12, 368 kW, 493 hp
Most Powerful Electric Motor811 kW, 1088 hp
Highest kW/HP per liter, N/A Petrol3L V8, 124.3 kW/166.7 hp per liter
Highest kW/HP per liter, Forced Induction Petrol2L Inline 4, 164.2 kW/220.2 hp per liter
Highest kW/HP per liter, Biofuel5L V8, 200 kW/268 hp per liter
Highest kW/HP per liter, N/A Diesel3L Inline 6, 33.4 kW/44.8 hp per liter
Highest kW/HP per liter, Forced Induction Diesel3L Inline 6, 93.3 kW/125.2 hp per liter
Highest kW/HP per liter, N/A Rotary1.3L, 140.5kW/188.4 hp per liter
Highest kW/HP per liter, Forced Induction Rotary1.3L, 158.5 kW/212.5 hp per liter
Highest Torque, Forced Induction Petrol7L V8, 1566 Nm, 1155 lb ft
Highest Torque, N/A Petrol8.4L V10, 814 Nm, 600 lb ft
Highest Torque, Forced Induction Diesel6.7L V8, 1206 Nm, 889 lb ft
Highest Torque, N/A Diesel7.3L V8, 488 Nm, 360 lb ft
Highest Torque, Electric Motor967 Nm, 713 lb ft
Most Expensive Production Car4,850,000 USD, 3 Cars Built
Least Expensive Production Car125 USD (equivalent to 1,767 USD in 2015)
Most Expensive Car Sold At Auction38,115,000 USD (sold in 2014)

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