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First Straight-6 engine?1918
First V4 Engine?1922
First V6 Engine?1950
First V8 Engine?1910
First Air-Cooled V8 Engine?1956
First V16 Engine?1930
First Flat-4 Engine?1901
First Flat-6 Engine?1948
First Flat-12 Engine?1973
First Diesel Engine?1933
First Wankel Engine?1964
First Turbocharged Wankel Engine?1982
First Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Engine?1980
First Electronic VVT?1987
First Supercharged Car?1921
First Twin-Supercharged Car?1935
First Turbocharged Car?1961 (1962 model year)
First Turbocharged Diesel Car?1978
First Supercharged AND Turbocharged Car?1985
First Twin-Turbocharged Car?1981
First Triple-Turbocharged Car?2012
First Quad-Turbocharged Car?1991
First Gas-Electric Hybrid?1899
First Mass-Produced Hybrid Car?1997
First Hybrid SUV?2003 (2004 model year)
First Monocoque?1922
First All-Aluminium Body?1933
First Fiberglass Body?1952 (1953 model year)
First Hatchback?1953
First body made of recycled material?1954
First Carbon Fibre Monocoque?1993
First 3-Speed Manual Transmission?1894
First 4-Speed Manual Transmission?1901
First 5-Speed Manual Transmission?1948
First 6-Speed Manual Transmission?1967
First 7-Speed Manual Transmission?2011
First 8-Speed Manual Transmission?1931
First Automatic Transmission?1939
First Torque Converter Automatic?1948
First 2-Speed Automatic Transmission?1948
First 3-Speed Automatic Transmission?1950
First 4-Speed Automatic Transmission?1939
First 5-Speed Automatic Transmission?1989
First 6-Speed Automatic Transmission?2002
First 7-Speed Automatic Transmission?2003
First 8-Speed Automatic Transmission?2007
First 9-Speed Automatic Transmission?2013
First Car To Achieve 200 MPH?1987
First Manufacturer To Use Asbestos-Free Brake Pads?1983

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