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Can you name the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes based on stuff that happened in them?

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Forced Order
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Buffy goes into a catatonic state after Glory takes Dawn
Spike comes back to Sunnydale in search of the Gem of Amara
Dawn goes on a date with a vampire
Buffy suspects her roommate is a demon, which she is
Willow and Amy visit the Magic Dealer Rack
Dawn gets captured by Harmony and her minions(Harmony has minions? LOL)
Dawn thinks she is a potential, but realizes she is extraordinary
Giles' dark past as 'Ripper' is revealed
The First Slayer kills everyone in their dreams
Vamp Willow ends up in our dimension
The Scooby Gang does a spell to bring Buffy back from the dead
Caleb comes to town, kills some potentials, and pokes Xander's eye out
Xander saves the world with a speech about a yellow crayon
Some zombies invade Buffy's coming home party
Angel's past is shown through flashbacks and Drusilla kills Kendra
Buffy's old friend Ford comes to town
Buffy has money problems and a flood in the basement
The Master rises, but Buffy's still pretty
Buffy suspects Spike is killing again, despite his soul
Spike and Drusilla gather body parts of the Judge
Buffy starts college
Glory summons a snake monster to find the key
Xander does a spell that makes every girl in town(except Cordelia) attracted to him
Buffy tells Angel to close his eyes and sends him to Hell
Buffy thinks she stopped the anointed one from reaching the Master
Buffy is invisible
Giles dramatically returns at the end of this episode
Buffy and Angel's romance makes it snow in Sunnydale
Buffy becomes telepathic and Jonathan wants to kill himself
Faith leads the potentials into a trap
Principal Wood attempts to kill Spike
Willow comes back to Sunnydale, but her friends can't see her
The spirits of Hansel and Gretel make Joyce and the parents form the MOO organization
Oz and Angel are suspected of killings, but it's really Scott Hope's friend
Buffy slays Luke, the Vessel
Willow does a will it so spell and Buffy and Spike want to get married
Buffy is given the Class Protector award
Everybody's singing and dancing!
The Trio frames Buffy for Katrina's murder
Buffy smashes the bones of the Master
Buffy sacrifices herself to save her sister and the world
Willow is captured by Faith and is exchanged for the Box of Gavrok
Buffy goes on a retreat to meet the First Slayer and we meet the Buffybot
Spike escapes the Initiative's holding cell and discovers he can't bite anyone
The adults in Sunnydale act like teenagers
Principal Snyder is introduced and the Sunnydale Talent Show happens
Buffy finds out Angel is a vampire
Buffy and Spike destroy a building while having sex
Glory makes her first appearance and Buffy learns what Dawn is
Xander gets possessed by a hyena and eats a pig
Anya is doing vengeance again, so Buffy tries to kill her
Spike attempts to perform a spell to restore Drusilla to power using Angel
Tara's family comes to town revealing some secrets(lies) about her
Riley comes back to town with a wife
Spike makes a doctor take the chip out of his head while Riley goes insane
Faith wakes up from her coma
Joyce has a robot boyfriend
Buffy and Cordelia go to a frat party and almost get eaten by a giant demon snake
Manifestations of fear run rampant through the college Halloween party
Oz is back from Tibet
Spirits of a student and teacher from the 1950's manifest in Buffy and Angel
Spike sees Buffy for the first time since her resurrection
Drusilla comes back to town and Spike's feelings for Buffy are revealed
Buffy starts a job at a burger joint that has a secret ingredient
Mr. Trick holds Slayerfest '98
The Scoobies perform the enjoining spell to defeat Adam
Xander is attracted to a praying mantis
Xander and Anya's wedding day is halted by false visions of the future
Buffy goes through a portal to learn how the Slayer was created from the Shadow Men
Buffy goes on a date with Principal Wood, while Xander goes on date with another demon
An invisible girl terrorizes Cordelia
A demon from outer space attacks the local crazy people, including Joyce
The First Evil emerges with messages from Joyce, Holden Webster, and Cassie Newton
The Initiative house makes everyone in it crazy and Buffy and Riley make out constantly
Can't even shout, can't even cry, the Gentlemen are coming by
The new Sunnydale High opens and Buffy is offered a job as a counselor
The Scooby Gang run away from the Knights of Byzantium in an RV
Buffy tries out for the cheerleading team
Buffy drinks some Black Frost and turns into Cave Slayer
Ethan Rayne turns everybody into their costumes
Faith blames Buffy for killing the Deputy Mayor
Buffy finds out Spike got his soul
The Dark Prince comes to town and Buffy has a sister!
The Scooby Gang kicks Buffy out of her own house
Cordelia wishes us into bizarro world
Back from the grave, Buffy thinks this is Hell
Buffy gives a lesson in Slaying to the Potentials by using a Turok-han
Veruca leads Oz on, leading to Oz leaving
The Scoobies tie up Andrew and Spike before the Bringers invade the house and steal Spike
Willow and Tara get back together and Spike and Anya have sex
Buffy learns about the scythe and battles Caleb
Warren shoots Buffy and kills Tara after Spike attempts to rape Buffy
Oz turns into a werewolf for the first time
Buffy works at a diner in Los Angeles
Drunk Spike is back in Sunnydale after Drusilla broke up with him
Willow gets catfished by a demon that is trapped in the internet
Giles returns to Sunnydale with some potential Slayers and some information on the First
Spike tells Buffy the tales of how he killed the two Slayers
The Scooby Gang loses their memory after Willow's spell goes wrong
The Gorch brothers come to town while the Bezoar is acting up
The Trio has a contest to see who can screw with Buffy the most
Xander goes to a dance with an Incan Princess who has a kiss of death
A girl named Cassie tells Buffy that she knows she will die on a specific date
Dawn makes a wish to Halfrek that traps everyone in Buffy's house
Giles poisons Buffy for the Cruciamentum
Anya's past lover, Olaf the Troll wreaks havoc
William the Bloody comes to Sunnydale for the first time
Faith comes to Sunnydale, followed by Kakistos and Mr. Trick
While an apocalypse is going on, Xander helps some dead dudes make a bomb
Angel pretends to be evil to learn some of the Mayor's plans
Buffy is sick and hospitalized
The members of the swim team all turn into demonic fish things
Dawn finds out she's the Key
Riley gives Buffy an ultimatum and he leaves
Glory brainsucks Tara
Dark Willow emerges and kills Warren after Tara's death
Faith kills Deputy Mayor Allan Finch
Every girl in town is attracted to a boy because of the jacket he wears
Every Potential in the world becomes a Slayer
Andrew films the everyday adventures of the Scooby Gang, before crying on the Seal of Danzalthar
Some demons attempt an apocalypse by sacrificing themselves to the Hellmouth and Spike is just a friend of Xander's
Faith's new watcher, Gwendolyn Post, is actually evil
Professor Walsh sends Buffy on a recon mission to be killed, only to be killed herself
Angel turns evil after having sex with Buffy
Giles is a Fyarl demon
Jonathan is the most important human in the world
The Watcher's Council comes to town with information about Glory
Spike works with Adam and tries to separate the Scoobies
Faith poisons Angel, so Buffy attempts to kill her
Angel steps up his torment and kills Jenny Calendar
Buffy and Xander sneak into the Initiative to get information on 314
There are two Xanders!
Willow turns into Warren after kissing Kennedy
The Trio makes Buffy think she is in a mental institution and she nearly kills her friends
Angel comes to town to console Buffy following Joyce's death, while Dawn tries to bring her back
Some perverted nerds try to make the perfect girlfriend for their 'Frankenstein' creation
The Mayor ascends
Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang deal with the death of Joyce
Buffy turns into a vampire!
Spike calls on the Order of Taraka to deal with his Slayer problem
Warren Mears has a robot girlfriend
Buffy is Faith and Faith is Buffy
The Chumash Tribe wreaks havoc on Thanksgiving
Buffy's first day at Sunnydale High

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