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QUIZ: Can you name the Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS

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Veteran: Nintendo's Mascot
Newcomer: Brilliant Strategist
Veteran: Monkey in a hat.
Veteran/DLC: The boy from Nowhere.
Veteran/DLC: Literally a clone.
Veteran: Selfish King
Veteran: Magical Princess
Veteran: Hero King
Veteran: Singing Puffball
Veteran: Leader of the Bunch
Veteran: F-Zero Racer #7
Newcomer: Ninja Frog
Newcomer/DLC: From Nohr... or was it Hoshido?
Veteran: Vulpine Fighter Pilot
Newcomer: Space Princess
Veteran: Kingdom's Finest Physician
Newcomer: Warrior from the Future
Veteran: Martial arts Jackal
Newcomer/DLC: Try not to get blocked on Twitter.
Veteran: Valuable Pokemon Card
Veteran: Hungry hungry Dinosaur
Newcomer: Blue Bomber
Newcomer: Pint-Sized Champion
Newcomer: Goddess of Light
Veteran: Leader of Greil Mercenaries
Newcomer/DLC: The World Warrior
Veteran: King of the Koopas
Newcomer: Will whip you into shape!
Newcomer: Waka waka waka waka...
Veteran: Hero's Cartoony Counterpart
Newcomer/DLC: He's from the most well known JRPG of all time.
Veteran: Masked Swordsman
Veteran: Mysterious Alter-Ego
Veteran: NES Accessory
Newcomer: Previously Shadow Mario
Newcomer: You!
Veteran: Electric Mouse Pokemon
Newcomer: Really feeling it!
Veteran: Damsel in Distress
Veteran: Absorbs people's powers
Newcomer: Laughs when you lose!
Veteran: Space Mercenary
Veteran: Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold
Veteran/DLC: The Blazing Swordsman
Veteran: Two-Dimensional Man
Veteran: King of Evil
Newcomer: Dark Reflection
Newcomer: Earnest Homeowner
Veteran: Prefers the Air
Veteran: Blue Blur
Veteran: Hero of Time
Veteran: Out of her armor
Veteran: Player 2
Veteran: Fights with plant creatures.
Veteran: Psychic Youth
Veteran: Soldier from Skyworld

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