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HintDrugOther info
effects reversible by protamine sulfate
used to alleviate prolonged diarrhea from camptothecans
mitotic inhibitor; prevents assembly of tubulin dimers into microtubules (blocks anaphase)
immunomodulator highly teratogenic; increased VTE, peripheral neuropathy, myelosuppression; indicated in Multiple myeloma
BCR-ABL inhibitors; Ph+ CML; drug interactions with CYP3a4; hepatotoxic and GI toxic (dose limiting)
VEGF inhibitors; bleeding, VTE, HTN
JAK 1/2 inhibitors; myelofibrosis, skin rash/acne
purine analogs; inhibit purine synthesis; immunosuppression (t-helper cells)
Direct thrombin inhibitor; indicated in PC coronary intervention
BRAF inihbitor used to treat melanoma; skin rash/acne
Treats hemorrhagic cystitis associated with nitrogen mustards; MOA: blocks acrolein
indicated for CML blast crisis and sickle cell anemia; inhibits ribonucleotide reductase
IL-6 blockers
class of drugs; topoisomerase II inhibitors; cardiotoxic, extravasation injury, red/orange urine
Strong opioid with many routes of administration (IV/IM/xderm/xmucosal)
CTLA-4 blockers; prevents cells from being turned off; overactive immune system; metastatic melanoma
used to treat AML with t(15;17); RAR problem; can cause mass maturation syndrome --> fever, dyspnea, pleural effusion
strong opiod used to treat severe pain
topo II inhibitor without the side effect profile; causes blue-green urine
SNRI antidepressants used to treat neuropathic pain; AEs: cardiac conduction abnormalities and HTN
indicated in VTE treatment, can cause necrosis, processed by CYP2c9, delaryed onset, increases PT
PI3K kinase inhibitors
HintDrugOther info
anticonvulsant used to treat neuropathic pain; binds Ca++ channels
histone deacetylator inhibitors (HDAL); opens up DNA for normal xscription; indicated in CTCL and PTCL; VEs thrombotic events, QT prolongation, GI
COX-2 inhibitor; AE: peripheral edema, MI, Nephrotoxic
antimetabolite; inhibits DHFR; VE's: nephrotoxic, mucositis, hepatotoxic, neurotoxic, dermatitis
proteasome inhibitors; inhibits NF-kB --> stops transcription; multiple myeloma and mantel cell lymphoma t(11; 15)
Non-vitamin K warfarin reversal agent
topo II inhibitor causing mucositis and hypotension; sometimes used for AML
Cannabinoid pill
pyrimidine analogue; inhibits DNA polymerase or thymidylate synthase
anti-tumor antibiotic causing pulmonary fibrosis indicated in testicular cancer and hodgkins; produces free radicals
Neurokinin-1 receptor antagnoists; inhibits substance P; acute and delayed CINV
antitumor antibiotic causing myelosuppression; indicated for childhood tumors, rhabdomyocarcoma
Strong opioid; used for opiate detox due to NMDA inhibition
Abnormal analgesic; for moderate-severe pain; Mu receptor binding and SNRI effects; AE's nausea, constipation, HA
PO opiod analgesic to relieve mild-severe pain
low molecular weight heparin (affecting Xa only); no effect on PTT or PT
local anesthetic with weak benefit; patch; AE: skin irriation
factor Xa inihbitor; AE's: bleeding, fever, nausea
Anticholinergic; motion sickness induced nausea
hedgehog pathway inhibitor; prevents SMOH receptor from being expressed on membrane; causes muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting and alopecia; treats BCC
hypomethylating agent used to treat MDS and AML
inhibits protein synthesis of BCR-ABL; indicated for CML w/ T3151 mutation; hyperglycemia, hemorrhage
HintDrugOther info
Topo I inhibitors; severe diarrhea; indicated in colon cancer, ovarian and SCLC
bypasses methotrexate MOA to provide folate; complexes with FdUMP to potentiate TS inihibition
BTK inhibits (brutons tyrosine kinase); mantle cell, CLL
used to alleviate acute diarrhea from camptothecins
alkylating agent causing hemorrhagic cystitis, and neurotoxicity
Cox-3 inhibitor; little anti-inflammatory effects; hepatotoxic, blocks fever; max daily dose 4gs (adult)
promote microtubule assembly and block disassembley; mucositis, hypersensitivity, cumulative peripheral neuropathy
alkylating agent causing nephrotoxicity, N/V, neurotoxicity, and hypersensitivity
used to prevent cardiotoxicity with anthracyclines; decreases free radical formation
MTOR inhibiors; AE: hyperglycemia/hyperlipidemia
relieves constipation associated with opioids; stool softener
partial opiod agonist; increased doses cause QTc prolongation (IV/xderm/subling)
alkylating agents;highly lipophilic agents used to treat CNS tumors, melanoma, and lymphoma
Degrades asparagine; allergic reactions, pancreatitis, decreased fibrinogen; leukemia/lymphoma
reverses Mu binding in GI only
directly inhibits methotrexate like drugs
HER-2 MAB; cardiotoxicity
oral alkylating agent; used for leukemia/xplant and decreases seizure threshold
Personalized therapy using conditioned T-cells; prostate cancer
topo II inhibitors causing cardiotoxicity, extravasation injury, etc
COX inhibitors; platelet inhibitors; GI insult; Renal Insult

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