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1st generation H1 blockers (3)
Uses of 1st gen H1 blockers (3)
Toxicity of H1 blockers (3)
2nd generation H1 blockers (4)
Uses of 2nd gen H1 blockers
2nd gen H1 blockers are less sedating because of decreased ___
Bronchoconstriction is mediated by (1) ____ processes and (2) _____ tone
Beta-2 agonist used during acute exacerbation
Long-acting beta-2 agonists for prophylaxis (2)
Adverse effects of 9
9 is used in combination with ____
Example of methylxanthine
Action of 12
12 is metabolized by ___
12 blocks action of _____
Toxicity of 12
Muscarinic antagonist used in asthma
Long-acting muscarinic antagonist
Corticosteroids for asthma (2)
Action of 19
19 is a ____-line therapy for chronic asthma
Antileukotrienes (3)
Block leukotriene receptors (2)
23 is especially good for ____-induced asthma
5-lipoxygenase pathway inhibitor
Monoclonal IgE antibody
Used in allergic asthma resistant to inhaled steroids and long-acting B-2 agonists
Expectorant that thins respiratory secretions but does not suppress cough reflex
Mucolytic - can loosen mucous plugs in CF patients. Also used as an antidote for acetaminophen overdose
Used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension by competitively antagonizing endothelin-1 receptors, decreasing pulmonary vascular resistance
Antitussive (blocks NMDA glutamate receptors)
When used in excess, 31 has mild ___ effect
___ can be given for overdose of 31
Sympathomimetic alpha-agonistic nonprescription nasal decongestants (2)
Toxicity of 34
Toxicity of pseudoephedrine
Muscarinic receptor agonist
Used in asthma challenge testing
Asthma challenge test is ____ but not ____

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