Pharmacology - Endocrine

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3 Rapid acting insulin analogues
Rapid acting insulin - B28 and B29 switched (lysine and proline reversed)
Rapid acting insulin - aspartic acid in B28
Rapid acting insulin - lysine for asparagine at B3, Glutamic acid for lysine at B29
Rapid acting insulin onset?
Peak of rapid acting insulin?
Duration of rapid acting insulin?
Intermediate insulins (2)
Onset of intermediate insulins?
Peak of intermediate insulins?
Duration of intermediate insulins?
Long acting insulins (2)
Long acting insulin that is peakless?
Long acting insulin that is good in brittle diabetics?
Ultra-long acting insulin? (1)
Increases insulin secretion?
Sulfonylurea binds to and closes what channel, leading to depolarization of beta-cell?
Risk of sulfonylurea?
Examples of meglitinides?
Intestinal hormones that cause secretion of insulin?
Insulin response is higher with oral or IV glucose?
2 naturally occurring incretins
Drug that inhibits breakdown of natural incretins
Drug that acts like natural incretins (GLP1 analog)
Decreases glucose production in the liver?
Acts as a transcription factor by binding to PPAR nuclear receptors?
Examples of TZDs?
Drug that delays absorption of glucose?
Ex of alpha-glucosidase inhibitor?
Secreted alongside insulin?
In reference to 31: it decreased postprandial ____ secretion
Analog of 31?
SGLT2 inhibitor in proximal tubule?
Drug used in treatment of hypothyroidism?
Synthetic T3?
Hyperthyroid drug used for tx in pregnancy?
Drug of choice in hyperthyroidism?
Risk factor of methimazole?
Blocks release of thyroid hormones?
Most active form of Vitamin D?
42 increases serum ___ and ____
Oral calcium supplementation?
IV calcium supplementation?
Vitamin D__ is most effective human form and major form used in practice
Loop diuretic used in hypercalcemia?
Generic bisphosphonate?
In women, increased bone resorption occurs during ____
Selective Estrogen Receptor Modifier
Only bone building medication?
Used in Tx of Giardia, Entamoeba, and Tichomonas?
Cannot drink alcohol with this drug _____
Used to treat river blindness and infection by worms (-iasis)
Used to treat enterobiasis (pinworms)?
Used to treat nematode infections?
Used to treat tapeworms?
Used for treatment of flukes (trematodes)?
Tx of E. Histolytica - tissue
Tx of E. Histolytica - Lumen (2)
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