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What nuclei manufacture and release ADH and Oxytocin?
All anterior pituitary hormones are under stimulatory control aside from _____
What inhibits prolactin?
At high levels, ____ stimulates prolactin?
Corticotropin releasing hormone stimulates release of _____
POMC breaks down into ____ and ____
GnRH stimulates release of ___ & ____
6 anterior pituitary hormones, alphabetically
GH stimulates liver production of ____
GH is released via (3 most important)
Increased levels of prolactin inhibit _____
Prolactin stimulates ____
Prolactin is released via (2 most important)
4 hormones with same alpha subunits, alphabetically
High levels of ____ during pregnancy can cross-react on TSH receptor and stimulate thyroid release
TSH is released by low levels of ____
In males, LH stimulates ___
In females, LH stimulates ___ and ____
In males, FSH stimulates
In females, FSH stimulates
In males, FSH is inhibited by ____
In females, FSH in inhibited by ____
In females, LH is inhibited by ____
50% of cells of the anterior pituitary are
Acidophilic staining cells of the anterior pituitary (2)
Basophilic staining cells of the anterior pituitary (3 - alphabetical)
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