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Pretibial lesion that is pathognomonic for diabetes mellitus
Word for skin tag, a complication of diabetes
Hyperpigmentation of skin, found in diabetes
A skin lesion that is a consequence of the hyperlipidemic state in diabetes
An eye lesion found in diabetes that means abnormal blood vessel growth on the surface of the iris
Neuropathy in diabetes often affects ___ (long/short) nerves in the ___ (upper/lower) extremity first?
Distribution of diabetic neuropathy is referred to as ____
Condition in diabetes where normal arch to foot flattens, also known as rocker bottom
Delayed gastric emptying in diabetics, due to autonomic neuropathy (end stage neuropathic process)
An FBS over ___ mg/dl is needed on __ occasions to diagnose DM
A random blood sugar above ___ mg/dl with signs and symptoms is sufficient for a diagnosis of DM
A two hour GTT above ___ mg/dl is diagnostic of DM
A two hour GTT between ___ and ____ mg/dl indicates impaired glucose tolerance
HbA1c equal to or greater than ___ mg/dl is needed for a DM diagnosis
3 Ps of Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes age of onset older/younger than 30 years of age
Is family history common in Type 1?
Family history common in Type 2?
Type 2 is almost always preceded by ____
Sometimes referred to as 1.5 DM -- occurs in adulthood and leads to Type 1
Insulin resistance syndrome requires __ of 5 criteria
Triglycerides greater than ___ is a criteria for Insulin Resistance Syndrome
HDL less than ___ in males or less than ___ in females is a criteria for Insulin resistance syndrome
Blood pressure of greater than __ over ___ is a criteria for Insulin Resistance Syndrome
Abdominal girth greater than ___ in in Males or ____ in in Females is a criteria for Insulin Resistance Syndrome
A FBS greater than ____ but less than ____ is a criteria for insulin resistance syndrome
Onset of gestational diabetes is between the ___th and ____th week of pregnancy
Screening for Gestational DM
If screen for Gestational DM is abnormal, what test is next?
There is a direct correlation with ____ and neuropathy + Retinopathy + nephropathy
Common drug cause of diabetes?
3 syndromes associated with high risk for diabetes

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