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Can you complete the Logic Puzzle to answer Einstein's riddle?

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House 1, color
the Norwegian lives in the first house 
House 2, color
the Norwegian lives next to the blue house 
House 3 color
the owner of the center house drinks milk 
House 4, color
The green house is to the immediate left of the white house 
House 5, color
the owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill 
House 1, nationality
I live next to the horse 
House 2 , nationality
the green house owner drinks coffee 
House 3, nationality
The Brit lives in the red house 
House 4, nationality
The Dane drinks tea 
House 5, nationality
the Swede has dogs 
House 1, beverage
The owner that smokes Blends lives next to the owner that drinks water 
House 2, beverage
owner who smokes Pall Mall owns birds 
House 3, beverage
the German smokes Prince 
House 4, beverage
owner that smokes Blends lives next to the cat owner 
House 5, beverage
owner that smokes Bluemaster drinks beer 
House 1, cigar brand
all out of hints! 
House 2, cigar brand
you can do it! 
House 3, cigar brand
House 4, cigar brand
I believe in you! 
House 5, cigar brand
House 1, pet
almost there! 
House 2, pet
House 3, pet
House 4, pet
fun fact: only 2% of the population can solve this riddle!! 
House 5, pet
tick tock  

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