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Allows the US and the soviets to build two defensive missile systems to protect themselves against a nuclear atttack
Affirmative actions are constitutional but quotas are not
The US may not give military aid to the contras for two years
Egypt and Israel agreed to begin formal diplomatic relations
Israel agreed to return the Sinai to Egypt
The federal govt enacted a supply side tax cut
Required car manufacturers to increase the gas mileage in their vehicles
Committed govt funding to develop alternative sources of fuel
Extended daylight savings time
Reduced the speed limits on federal highways
US citizens may the information the govt has collected about them
An individual may go to court to request that secret documents be made public
Contributions to candidates for federal offices are limited by law
Presidential campains are paid for with public funds
The Us recognized the borders and govts of the eastern European nations
The soviet union agreed to protect human rights of expression and travel
Businesses who hire illegal aliens can be prosecuted
Illegal aliens who attempt to use public services may be deported
Provided a method of illegal aliens to become legal
The US and Soviet Union eliminated the two classes of intermediate range weapons systems
American and Soviet inspectors were allowed to inspect military installations in each other's territory to make certain the treaty was obeyed
The US will return the Panama Canal to Panama in 2000
The US retains the right to defend the Panama Canal
American troops would be withdrawn from Vietnam
American prisoners of war would be freed by North Vietnam
The US will help to rebuild Vietnam
S Vietnam would allowed to choose its own govt
The supremem court ruled that a state may not violate the privacy of an individual by seeking medical information
Limited the US and the Soviet Union to twenty-four hundred nuclear weapons
Burning the flag is a legal form of political expression
A president may send troops overseas for no more than sixty days without the approval of Congress
A person who receives welfare for three years must get a job or begin job training in order to keep receiving welfare payments

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