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QUIZ: Can you name the missing word in each of these clues about the Thirty Years War?

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Preluding the war was the Protestant ______
Charles V signed the Peace of _______, allowing a lord to choose the religion of his realm
The war pitted Protestants against _______
The majority of the war took place in The ______ ______ Empire
The Bohemian Revolt was sparked by the _______ of Prague
______ II was the unpopular, Catholic Holy Roman Emperor when the war broke out
______ V was Elector Palatine, and a much more popular choice to become Holy Roman Emperor. But did not.
The previous answer was a _______ (Protestant denomination)
Sweden entered the war and was led by ___________________
France fought with the Protestants because it did not want to be surrounded by two powerful, _______ controlled states
Albrecht von _________ was a Bohemian general, in charge of the previous answers forces
The Chief Minister to King Louis XIII of France during the war was Cardinal ______
______ IV was King of Spain during the Thirty Years War
The French philosopher Rene _______ was an observer with the Catholic League's army during the Bohemian Revolt
The War ended with the Peace of ________
King ______ of France continued the conflict with Spain for 11 years after the previous answer was signed
The total number of casualties at the end of the war was __ million

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