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Largest orange producer17.8 million tons
Hottest air temperature ever recorded136 °F
Largest tobacco producer2,298,800 tons
Largest area of irrigated land558,080 km²
Largest military budget as percent of GDP22.9%
Longest total length of railways227,736 km[100
Least densely populated1.7 per km²
Most densely populated23,660 per km²
Largest wool producer475,000 tons
Highest consumption of beer per capita156.9 liters/year
Highest consumption of cigarettes per capita4,313 cigarettes/year
Most people living with HIV/AIDS5,700,000
Highest suicide rate38.6 per 100,000 people per year
Lowest overall life expectancy31.88 years
Highest GDP per capita (PPP)$85,868
Largest police force5,776,500 officers
Highest annual inflation rate52.4%
Highest central bank interest rate975%
Smallest double landlocked country160 km2
Largest double landlocked country447,400 km2
Largest forest area8,087,900 km²
Longest coastline243,792 km
Lowest, highest point among all countries2 m
Highest, lowest point among all countries1400 m
Smallest total area0.44 km²
Largest number of former capitals31 former capitals
Largest producer of heroin380 tons
Largest copper producer5,360,800 tons
Highest proportion of women in government56%
Highest home ownership rate97%
Winner of most FIFA World Cups9
Most gold medals overall at Winter Olympics107
Largest exporter of pears490,000 tons
Largest percentage of arable land55.39%
Most languages spoken in a country820
Highest fertility rates7.34 births per woman
Highest intentional homicide rate58 per 100,000 people per year
Largest hop producer34,438 tons
Lowest literacy rate23.6%
Highest annual deflation-3.5%
Largest olive producer6,160,100 tons
Lowest GDP (PPP)$15 million
Smallest percentage of immigrant population0.0249%
Largest proven oil reserves296,500,000,000 bbl
Lowest median age of population15 years old
Country whose official language has the longest alphabet33 consonants, 23 vowels, and 12 independent vowels
Most northernmost point of landKaffeklubben Island
Largest cobalt producer22,000 tons
Largest percentage of nuclear energy in total energy production76.2%
Highest number of World Heritage Sites47
Most merchant ships owned3,757
Largest cork producer17.7 metric tons
Largest oil exporter8,200,000 (bbl/day)
Lowest fertility rates1.08 births per woman
Largest tea exporter318.47 million kilograms
Highest electricity consumption per capita3,152W per person
Earliest human settlement195,000 years ago
Largest cacao producer1,330,000 metric tons
Largest muslim population204,847,000 people
Largest livestock of camels7,000,000 heads
Largest fig producer254,000 tons
Most Formula 1 Grand Prix wins208 by 19 drivers
Largest annual population decline-0.93%
Highest consumption of wine per capita8.16 liters/year
Highest consumption of alcohol per capita18.22 liters/year
Largest Jewish population6,045,900 people
Highest consumption of beef per capita65.2 kilograms/year
Highest prevalence of females in population.84 males per female
Lowest depression below the sea level-427 m
Largest yam producer34,000,000 tons
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