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QUIZ: Can you name the Person who was born on each day of August?

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August 1, 10 BCFourth Emperor of Rome
August 2, 1932Irish actor, most popular for the title role in 'Lawrence of Arabia'
August 3, 1940 American actor. 'Apocalypse Now', 'The West Wing'
August 4, 1821Influential French fashion designer. Famous for his iconic luggage and logo.
August 5, 1930American astronaut. 'One small step...'
August 6, 186127th First Lady of the United States
August 7, 317Son of Constantine I. He would ascend to the throne with his two brother, but by 350 he was sole Emperor
August 8, 1930Legendary American basketball coach. Won the NCAA men's championship in 1990 with UNLV
August, 9 1938Famous Australian tennis player. The center court at the Australian Open is named after him
August 10, 187431st President of the United States. Namesake of a famous dam.
August 11, 1921Co-authored 'The Autobiography of Malcom X'
August 12, 1881American film director. 'Cleopatra', 'The Ten Commandments'
August 13, 1899English film director. 'Psycho'
August 14, 1714French, landscape painter. Notable for his maritime and seaport paintings. Influence by Claude Lorrain
August 15, 1771Scottish author. 'Ivanhoe'.
August 16, 1930Former American football player for the New York Giants. Husband of Kathie Lee.
August 17, 1786Famed American frontiersman. Died at the Battle of the Alamo.
August 18, 1774With William Clark, led the Corps of Discovery and eventually made it to the Pacific Ocean
August 19, 1883French fashion designer. 'No. 5'
August 20, 1890American author of horror novels/sci-fi novel. 'Call of the Cthulhu'
August 21, 1165French king who went on the Third Crusade with Richard the Lionheart and Frederick Barbarossa.
August 22, 1920American author. 'Fahrenheit 451'.
August 23, 1754French king who was executed during the French Revolution
August 24, 1902American mobster. Is the namesake of the family which John Gotti would eventually be the boss of.
August 25, 1530Infamous Tsar of Russia. Killed his own heir in a fit of rage
August 26, 1676English statesman who is regarded as England's first Prime Minister. Served under George I and George II.
August 27, 190836th President of the United States. Succeeded John F. Kennedy after his assassination.
August 28, 1749German politician and writer. Famous for his two part play, 'Faust'
August 29, 1619Finance Minister under Louis XIV. Was an early advocate of mercantilism
August 30, 1797English author. 'Frankenstein'
August 31, 12Infamous 3rd Emperor of Rome. 'Little Boots'.

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