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DescriptionHistorical Figure
With Engels, wrote 'The Communist Manifesto'.
Pope who called for the First Crusade in a fiery speech.
Infamous ruler of Wallachia. The basis for a Bram Stoker novel.
The father of modern capitalism. Wrote 'Wealth of Nations'.
English military and political leader who eventually became Lord Protector of the Commonwealth following the English Civil War.
Polish astronomer known for advocating a Heliocentric theory.
Italian astronomer who popularized, but later recanted, the previous answer's theory.
Influential leader of the French Revolution. Was later executed.
Roman general who defeated Hannibal, and won the Second Punic War.
Founder of the Jesuit Order. Namesake of many modern day colleges.
Greek statesman responsible for the full development of Athens during its Golden Age.
French peasant girl whose visions led the French army to multiple victories during the Hundred Years War.
Bosnian Serb, whose actions in Sarajevo led to the outbreak of World War I.
This Archduke was assassinated by the previous answer.
Infamous 16th century Tsar. Created the Oprichniki who sought out his domestic enemies.
DescriptionHistorical Figure
Austrian statesman and diplomat. Was the head of the Congress of Vienna.
It was because of this French general that the Congress of Vienna convened to discuss the state of Europe.
Wife of Henry II of England. This French noblewomen is credited with creating the 'Court of Love'.
Spanish author of 'Don Quixote'.
French philosopher who famously stated, 'I think, therefore I am'.
Italian military leader and politican. Eventually helped achieve the unification of Italy.
Roman Emperor who had a vision of a Cross during battle. Later converted to Christianity.
Dutch Humanist who wrote 'The Praise of Folly'.
Macedonian general who created one of the largest empires the world has ever seen.
Spanish conquistador who led the campaign that conquered the Incan Empire.
French king who allegedly said 'Paris is worth a mass', when he renounced his Protestantism.
English philosopher who had a profound impact on the American revolutionaries. Said the mind was a 'blank slate'.
Wrote 'The Divine Comedy'.
Important advisor to King Henry VIII. Was eventually executed by the king for opposing the separation of England from the Catholic Church.
Portuguese nobleman who encouraged exploration and maritime trade. The Age of Discovery began with him.
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