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The Gilded Age took place at the turn of this century
This American author coined the term 'Gilded Age'
The most famous Gilded Age banker. His namesake firm still exists today.
This Scotsman was born poor, but would die the wealthiest American to ever live (relatively, of course)
The previous two answers worked together to create this massive company that still exists today
This ruthless industrialist was in charge of this company. Now has a famed art collection in New York City
American industrialist who created a shipping empire
The favorite grandson of the last answer had this mansion built in Newport, Rhode Island
This Gilded Age architect designed the previous answer
He also designed this famed Asheville, North Carolina estate
This New York born industrialist created a massive oil empire
The name of this man's company
This Danish-American 'muckraker' photographed the New York City slums of the 1880's, and published them in a landmark book
The name of the book by the previous answer
This one-time New York City police commissioner would eventually become President of the United States
The corrupt political machine that ran New York City for much of the 19th century
The infamous 'boss' of this organization. Would die in jail at the beginning of the Gilded Age
This anti-elite political movement originated in the United States during the Gilded Age
This three time presidential nominee was the most dominant politician of this movement
This same politician delivered this famed speech advocating a currency that was backed by silver
This bill was passed by Congress in 1890 and sought to break up big, corporate monopolies
This man innovated on an exisiting design and created the modern lightbulb
Former employee of the previous answer. They clashed over the effectiveness of A/C current.
This US president was assassinated in 1901, at the Pan-American Exposition
A derogatory term given to industrialists that was first used in reference to Medieval lords
This railroad man is arguably the most infamous and corrupt of all the industralists. Is synonymous with the previous answer

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