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When a kid is bullied, and someone else stares and watches, they are one of these.
A place where sports are played, or in Greek, 'place to be naked'.
Musical instrument played by Apollo.
The jelly-like substance that fills a cell.
The very first element on the Periodic Table.
One of the three gifts from the Wise Men.
You may find these in Egypt or Mexico.
Jewish house of prayer.
Rollercoaster, Zoo, Airport, etc. computer game series, or a wealthy business man.
A tropical cyclone.
Musical instrument involving whacking wooden bars with mallets.
What you call something that looks the same on both sides.
A speculative example.
The shape of a can of soup.
Shenzi, Banzai, or Ed, in Lion King.
Synonym of 'me'.
Can be used with a hypodermic needle to inject liquid or gas into body tissue.
Popular song by Taio Cruz, or something used to blow things up.
When you delete something on your computer, this is where they go.

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