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Can you name the Famous Monkeys- both fictional and non-fictional?

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Squirrel MonkeyUS Army Ape-O-Naut. First Ape in space. Flew Jupiter AM-13 mission 12/13/58.
Rhesus MonkeyUS Army Ape-O-Naut. Flew Jupiter AM-18 mission 5/28/59.
Squirrel MonkeyUS Army Ape-O-Naut. Flew Jupiter AM-18 mission 5/28/59.
Rhesus MonkeyNASA Ape-O-Naut. Flew Little Joe I-B and Little Joe II missions 12/4/59 and 10/23/63.
ChimpanzeeNASA Ape-O-Naut. Flew Mercury-Redstone 2 mission 1/31/61.
6 Rhesus MonkeysBefore the fully successful flight of monkeys 2 and 3, 6 Rhesus monkeys, all the same name, perished on unsucessful attempts.
ChimpanzeeNASA Ape-O-Naut. Flew Mercury-Atlas 5 mission 12/21/61.
ChimpanzeeJane Goodall's friend
GorillaHighly educated, speaking, computer using, photographer. Ambassador to the humans.
GorillaRescued boy fallen into gorilla exhibit at Chicago zoo. Niece of above. Name means 'daughter of sunshine' in swahili
Robotic GibbonFirst robotic primate. Developed by Dr Toshio Fukuda at Nagoya University, Japan.
Rhesus Macaque (clone) and a little bit jellyfishThe first clone born with artificial gene inserted (in this case, Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) from jellyfish).
Rhesus Macaque (clone)The first clone born.
Japanese MacaqueCameron Diaz is living with a rare Japanese Macaque and she couldn't be happier.
GorillaAlbino working at freak show known as a 'zoo'
Rhesus MonkeyRoyal College of Surgeons lab monkey. Name tattoed on her forehead. First non-human punk rocker.
ChimpanzeeShe is trained in American Sign Language and showed the ability to make combinations of certain signs she learned in ways she had never seen before. She combined the sign for 'give me' with 'tickle' to indicated she wanted to be tickled.
ChimpanzeeNamed after the great linguist Noam Chomsky, he was the first chimpanzee to learn American sign language.
OrangutanHe's a baby orangutan who lost his parents. Resides in Moscow's zoo, who can ill afford to keep him.
ChimpanzeeMichael Jackson's 'friend'
DrawingChildren's tutor into inquisitive behavior. Lives with a man in a yellow hat.
Just MonkeysThree wise monkeys of lore who 'See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.'
'Uplifted' ChimpanzeeThe protagonist of David Brin's The Uplift War (1987). A neo-chimpanzee ecologist and lieutenant in the colonial militia.
'Uplifted' ChimpanzeeCharacter in David Brin's Sundiver (1980). Pilot of an ill-fated solar probe.
DrawingProtagonist in stories by the creator of Mr. Lunch.
Video Game Star Singlehandedly created the Major Player in the Video Game industry, Nintendo
Cartoon MonkeyFrom the Simpsons, Krusty the Klown's monkey sidekick
Cartoon MonkeyHomer Simpson's friend.
Cartoon MonkeyKnife yielding brawler from the Simpsons. Quoth Moe: 'He ain't so pretty anymore'
Cartoon MonkeyMortal enemy of the Powerpuff Girls
Cartoon Giant Ape Hanna-Barbera Laugh-O-Lympics participant
CartoonSpeed Racer's 'friend'
Evolved ApeLand of the Lost Star
ChimpanzeeRonald Reagan's costar.
Giant Gorilla Action Star extraordinaire. Star of own films, as well as costar with Godzilla in the 1962 Kingukongu tai Gojira.
Cartoon OrangutanThe King of the Apes in The Jungle Book
Cartoon MandrillThe Plain Shaman in The Lion King
CartoonAladdin's 'friend' in the 1992 Disney production Aladdin
Cartoon Gorilla Tarzan's mom in the 1999 Disney production 'Tarzan.'
Cartoon Gorilla Tarzan's dad in previously mentioned cinematic wonder.
Cartoon GorillaYet again from 'Tarzan.'
CapuchinMonkey from 'Night at the Museum,' who enjoyed tormenting Larry.
CapuchinRoss' adopted monkey from 'Friends.'

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