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InformationImmigrantPlace of Birth
After winning the pulitzer prize for physics in 1922, he visited America and decided to stay. He published the “General Theory of Relativity,' in 1916.Ulm, Germany
The first female secretary of state, this person moved to the U.S. to flee communism.Prague, Czechoslovakia
Born in 1847, he spent his childhood in private schools. He became a publisher at the age of 25. His most famous contribution to the U.S. is his set of prizes named after himself.Makó, Hungary
This Supreme Court Justice was born in 1882 and moved to the U.S. in 1894. He served in the Supreme Court until 1962, when he retired due to sickness.Vienna, Austria
He was born in 1963. He attended the University of Houston, and played center for the Houston Rockets. He retired in 2002, after signing for the Toronto Raptors.Lagos, Nigeria
Born in 1956, This person became a U.S.citizen in 1981 and is a former World's No. 1 Female tennis player.Revnice, Czechoslovakia
Born in 1888, this composer has published over 800 songs. He has written songs such as 'God Bless America,' and 'White Christmas.' He died at the age of 101.Russia
This woman founded the order of Sisters of the Sacred Heart. She was sent by Pope Leo XIII to work with immigrants in New York. She founded schools, hospitals, and orphanages.San Angelo, Italy
InformationImmigrantPlace of Birth
After the Great Chicago Fire, she found herself living on factory owners for her pay. The bad working conditions started her passion for workers rights. She worked most her life.Cork, Ireland
He won The Academy Award's 'Best Director' in 2005 for 'Brokeback Mountain.' He became internationally famous for 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' (2000.)Chaochou, Taiwan
Founding a steel company, named after himself, it became one of the largest businesses in the 1800's. He used his fortune to found a university, also named after himself.Dunfermline, Scotland
A famous escape artist, magician, and actor, he was born in 1874.Budapest, Hungary
Born to chinese parents, he is one of the most famous cellists of the century. He has won multiple Grammy's for all of his music.Paris, France
A famous restauranteur and chef, he has been honored with awards from the James Beard Foundation and now owns many restaurants, catering services, and cookbooks.Sankt Veit an der Glan, Austria
The 38th governor of California, he is also a famous actor, most notably for the 'Terminator' filmsThal, Austria
This Person is responsible for the creation of one of the most famous clothing items today, the blue jean. He founded a blue jean company, named after himself.Bavaria, Germany

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