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QUIZ: Can you name the hink pink, hinky pinky, or hinkity pinkity?

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One syllable per word answers- Hink pink. Two syllable- Hinky pinky. Three syllable- Hinkity pinkity. For example, a "liberated plant" is a "free tree."
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# of Syllables- Non-Rhyming PhraseAnswerFirst Letter of Each Word
Hinky pinky- Diamond gunC P
Hink pink- 24 hours of toysP D
Hink pink- Obese felineF C
Hink pink- Partial giggleH L
Hink pink- Smashed capF H
Hink pink- Boring choo-chooP T
Hinky pinky- One who lives in a basementC D
Hinky pinky- Great detectiveS S
Hink pink- Fast prankQ T
Hink pink- Insect gangsterB T
Hinky pinky- Bloody taleG S
Hinkity pinkity- Fruit from a northern U.S. stateM B
Hink pink- Invisible party-runnerG H
Hink pink- Very large teaching sessionM C
Hinkity pinkity- Two wheeled vehicle left outside for winterI B
Hink pink- Literature thiefB C
Hinky pinky- Shoe defacerS V
Hinky pinky- Considerate fishC H
Hink pink- Weapon collectionS H
Hinky pinky- Jedi master's carbonated beverageY S
# of Syllables- Non-Rhyming PhraseAnswerFirst Letter of Each Word
Hink pink- Big boatL B
Hinky pinky- Disgusting pairG T
Hinky pinky- Space telescope ball of airH B
Hinky pinky- Improved written communicationB L
Hink pink- Something you see that glowsB S
Hinkity pinkity- The White HouseP R
Hink pink- Impertinent young manR D
Hinky pinky- Spelunking sloganG M
Hink pink- Sham cobraF S
Hinky pinky- Felt-pen valetM P
Hinky pinky- Large rock containerB H
Hinky pinky- Metal cabinet ridiculerL M
Hink pink- Geeky flying animalN B
Hink pink- Crude fashionV S
Hink pink- Heartless rulerM Q
Hinkity pinkity- Musical instrument chaosR D
Hinky pinky- Reggae noodlesR P
Hink pink- Good time at a conventN F
Hinky pinky- Hound that makes a good lawyerL B
Hink pink- Animal's codeH M

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