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HintWordDouble Letter
This medium-sized mammal is known for its long tongue and is sometimes called the 'African ant bear'AA
A leafy green vegetable, usually sold in units of 'heads'BB
An edible flower from the Brassica family of vegetablesCC
A game in which players try to snap disks into a cup by pressing the edges with larger onesDD
A voter who is permitted to cast a ballot by mailEE
A crystalline compound found in soda and coffeeFF
To keep multiple objects in the air at the same time by throwing and catching themGG
A form of travel that involves catching free rides from passing vehiclesHH
A type of mushroom native to East AsiaII
The annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi ArabiaJJ
An ornamental trinketKK
The tendon in your heel is named after this Greek heroLL
HintWordDouble Letter
Advertising in between television shows, that always seem to be louder than the actual showMM
In US currency, one centNN
A panda's favorite foodOO
A course before the main course of a mealPP
A ray-finned fish, known for its sharp teeth and scary looksRR
A course after the main course of a mealSS
A long, flat type of pasta commonly paired with alfredo sauceTT
A volume of space, empty of matterUU
Shrewdness or intelligenceVV
A Native American ceremony involving feasting, singing, and dancingWW
A type of cheese, found often on pizzaZZ

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