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-Brain and Spinal cord -T-cell mediated -demyelination
higher incident above 37th parallel 
-Adrenal Cortex -associated with HLA alleles
not apparent until >90% cortex destroyed 
-RBC lysis - caused by mimicry, drug interaction
Direct Coombs test used for diagnosis 
-affects BM of lung alveoli and kidney glomeruli
deposits detected with antibodies against IgG 
-Hypothyroidism -t-cell mediated
-affects platelets -bleeding into skin and mucosal surfaces
more common in women  
-affects Beta cells and islets of Langerhans -T-cell and delayed type hypersensitivity
- affects nicotinic ach receptors -muscle weakness/droopy eyelid/difficult swallowing
- affects gastric parietal cells -tcell mediated -malabsorption of B12
RBC are too few and large 
-seminferous tubules -infertility -antibody mediated
-exposure of sperm to immune system 
-glomerulonephritis - fever -polyarthritis -immune complex mediated
10:1 women:men 
-pain and stiffness -inflam of vertebrae
-autoantibodies against Fc region of IgG
most freq in women 20-40 
-chronic hardening and shrinking of CT
-t-cell mediated -Fas mutation

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