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DefinitionPerson or Place
number of people who live in a specified area
number of births per 1000 people
number of deaths per 1000 people
death rate subtracted by the birth rate
average number of people per square mile
geographer who studies populations
process of relocating to a new region
person who leaves one area to setlle in another
reason that causes people to leave an area
reason that attracts people to an area
shared attitudes, knowledge, and behaviros of a group of people
person who flees a place because of war
system for producing and exchanging goods and services among a group of people
economic system where the governement controls what is produced
economic system where supply and demand are used
The economy of the United States
product sold to another country
product that comes into a country
economic system where money is not exchanged
country who has a low GDP and few economic activities
DefinitionPerson or Place
country who has a high GDP and many economic activities
organization set up make and enforce rules for a society
person who owes loyalty to a country
government in which citizens elect representatives
government in which a ruling family headed by a king or queen holds political power
government in which a small group of people hold power
government in which an individual holds complete power
type of government in which the Communist Party holds all power
group of people who share a common language, customs, and heritage
human communication either written, spoken, signed
organized system of beliefs and practices
religion that has one God and Jesus is the son of God
religion that has one God, named Allah and Muhammad is his prophet
religion where followers can achieve enlightenment and leader is Buddha
religion where the soul never dies, belief in reincarnation
shift from gathering food to raising food
sharing of cultures from one group to another
what the first humans crossed to get to North America
body of land nearly surrounded by water
electricity made by water-powered engines

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