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DefinitionPerson or Place
importing and exporting goods illegally for oneself
name of the Acts passed to ensure England made money from its colonies
what many puritan women were accused of in Salem, Massachusetts
woman who introduced indigo
covered wagons built by German immigrants
city on the Deleware River that was the fastest growing colonial city
mountain range that stretched along the Backcountry from Canada to Alabama
famous Christian Religious Movement
fiery preacher during the Great Awakening
famous American writer, thinker, inventor, and diplomat
Enlightenment thinker who believed kings had no God given right to rule
England's lawmaking body
Revolution that overthrew King James and replaced him with William and Mary
Famous War between France and Britain with help from Native Americans
treaty that ended the French and Indian War
British line that forbid colonists from traveling west of Appalachain Mtns
British monarch who reigned during the American Revolution
Name of the war between American colonies and Great Britain
secret society of men formed to oppose British policies
act requiring soldiers to be housed in colonists homes
act or law requiring all legal documents to require a stamp showing a tax had been paid
leader of the Sons of Liberty
incident in Boston where British soldiers killed 5 Americans
writs of assistants were also known as ________________
incident in Boston Harbor where colonists protested policies by dumping tea into Boston Harbor
lawyer who defended British Soldiers after the Boston Massacre
armed civilians ready at minutes notice
Boston silversmith who alarmed colonists British were coming
series of laws/acts passed to punish British colonists
First and Second Continental Congress met in this city
DefinitionPerson or Place
Americans who supported the British were called these
Americans who sided with the rebels
First battle of the American Revolution was fought here
document that declared American independence from Britian
Commander of the American Continental Army
Author of the Declaration of Independence
Site in Southeast Pennsylvania where Washington's Army camped in the Winter of 1777-1778
Trail in Kentucky built by Daniel Boone
Two countries that were allies with America during the Revolution
Final Battle of the Revolutionary War
Commander of the British army who surrendered at Yorktown
Treaty that ended the American Revolution
What the United States gained from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River from Britain
America's first plan of governement which was a failure
names of the people who helped create the U.S. Constitution
1787 Document that became America's Plan of Government
Name of the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution
Name of the plan thaty created the 3 Branches of Government
First President of the United States
First Vice President of the United States
Branch of government that includes Congress(Senate and House of Representatives)
Branch of government that includes the Supreme Court
Branch of government that includes the President and his cabinet
ability of each branch to check or control the other
people who supported the Constitution were called these
people who were opposed to the Constitution were called these
Constitutution has 27 of these
to formally swear in a President
House of Congress with 100 members based on equal representation
House of Congress with 435 members based on state population

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