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DefinitionPerson or Place
society that stayed in permanent towns and villages
society who settled in villages but moved every few years
society who moved continually (nomadic)
first civilization in North America
Native American civilization that created the first 12 month calender and built large cities
Native American civilization that lived in present day Peru in South America in the Andes Mtns
Native American civilization whose city was built on a Lake and made advances in warfare and collecting taxes
religion that was spread through Africa that teaches there is one God Allah
followers of Islam
large desert in Norther Africa
widespread food shortage in Europe
deadly disease that spread through Europe
time of increased interest in art and learning in Europe
movement that divided the Catholic Church in Europe
Christian group that broke away from the Catholic Church
device invented by Johannes Gutenburg that created printed pages
name for a Spanish explorer who conquered the Americas
conquistador who brought the Aztecs to ruin
conquistador who brought the Incas to ruin
Italian Navigator who looked for a faster way to Asia
DefinitionPerson or Place
English explorer who sailed for the Dutch and explored present day New York
name of the first permanent French colony in North America
transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between Western and Eastern hemispheres
practice of one person being owned by another
laws passed to regulate the treatment of slaves
trade of rum, molasses, and slaves between 13 colonies, Africa, and West Indies
economic system that Europe used over the colonies to get rich
one who worked for a set time without pay in exchange for a free passage to North America
name of the first permanent English colony
name of a colony that was ruled by a king or queen
name of colony that was called the 'Lost Colony'
separatist group that traveled to America for religious freedom (tolerant )
English dissenters who wanted to 'purify' the Church of England(non tolerant)
document signed on the Mayflower that established self government
group of protestant dissenters who believed men and women were equal
quaker founder of Pennsylvania
name of the Pilgrims Colony
colony founded for people who were in debt
Dutch colony that later became New York
far western edges of the colonies with subsistence farming as main activity

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