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Which team's nickname is 'in outer space?'
Who won the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest?
What famous dunk move did Michael Jordan inspire?
Which team replaced the Seattle Supersonics?
Which college did Blake Griffin attend?
On the Boston Celtics, which player had the best free-throw average last season?
When the offensive team is in possession of the ball, and they cross over the half-court line, what is it called when that team crosses back over that line?
Which team is 'married to the queen?' (just the nickname)
This season, of 2009, which team made history for the most games lost without a win?
What city do the Bobcats play in?
What city do the Hawks play in?
Who won last years championship? (2008)
Last year, (2008) on the Orlando Magic, who was #15?
Who's nickname is CP3?
Larry Bird was on which team?
What's the nickname: Minnesota...
Golden State...
When you inbound the ball, you have 8 seconds to get the ball past...
Texas A&M has students that make insane shots that are not computer edited. What is their 'group' called?
When the person with the ball takes too many steps without dribbling the ball, this foul is called...

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