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I like it when girls stop by in the
do you remember when wethat summer
New Kids on the had a bunch of hits
 food makes me sick
And I think it'swhen
girlsby for the summer
I like girls that wear Abercrombie and
I'd take her if I had onebut she's been gone since that summer
Hip Hopspic and span
met you one summer and it all
You're the best girlI ever did see
The great Larry Bird33
When you take a sip you
like a
wrote a whole bunch of
Call me Willycause I can't speak, baby
Something in yourwent and drove me crazy
Now I can't you and it makes me mad
Left oneand never came back
Stayed all summer then went back
Macauly Calkin was in
Fell deep in love but now we ain't
Michael Jwas Alex P Keaton
When I met you I said my name was
You look like a girlAbercrombie and Fitch
Cherry Pez, coldrock star boogie
used to hateso I had to play hookie
Always been hip to thestyle
known to act wild and makesmile
Love New Edition and the
Remind me of you because youmy world
You come fromwhere the peaches grow
They drink
andreal slow
You love and rock n roll
Dad took off when you wereyears old
there was a good man named Paul
I feel much betterwhen you're near
You love fun dip and cherry
I like the way youwhen I tell a joke
When I met you I said mywas Rich
You look like a girl fromand Fitch
In thegirls got it going on
Shake andto a hip hop song
Summertime girls are theI like
I'll steal your
like I stole your
Bugalooand pogo sticks
my mind takes methere oh so quick
Let you off thelike my man Mr. Limpet
Think about that summer and I
cause Iit
Like the color
macaroni and
Ruby red
and a bunch of
Call you up butthe use
I like Kevin
but I hate
Came in theI said it before
I think I'myou but I'm really not sure
When I met I said my name was Rich
You look like a from Abercrombie and Fitch
In the summer girlsand summer girls go
Some are worth
and some are
Summer girls come and summer girls
some are worth while and some are

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