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Can you name the states by the famous person from there?

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Forced Order
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Mark Ruffalo
Lauryn Hill
Etta James
Vincent Price
Zachary Quinto
Wanda Sykes
Scott Foley
Jessica Lange
Chris Hardwick
Halle Berry
Jim Beaver
Jeremy Shada
Valerie Bertinelli
John Mayer
Harriet Tubman
Kathy Bates
David Lynch
Mary Hart
Aziz Ansari
Kristen Schaal
Jared Padalecki
Jason Marsden
Adam Lambert
Brendan Urie
Sarah Silverman
Kate Mulgrew
Jimi Hendrix
Dan Mintz
Brandon Flowers
Lauren Graham
Kelly Rowland
John Deere
Edgar Allan Poe
Peggy Lee
Andrew Rannells
Nina Simone
Blake Shelton
Anna Kendrick
Melba Patillo
Sarah Paulson
Alicia Keys
Melissa McCarthy
Joyce DeWitt
Lisa Rinna
Stevie Nicks
Leann Rimes
Octavia Spencer
Louis Armstrong
Demi Moore
Keegan-Michael Key

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