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Cause of DeathVictimMovie
Shot while trying to protect herd.Tarzan
N/A(old age)Up
Jumps into 'Title Name' after knowing that he 'doesn't have any friends.'The Black Cauldron
Stepped on by the villain of the story.The Princess and the Frog
Stabbed by villain in tower.Tangled
Pushed off the canyon wall into a stampede.The Lion King
Falls into the ground after letting go of the rope so that the protagonist can live.Mulan 2
Shot by a hunter.Bambi
Eaten by a gigantic monster while the monster was attacking his ship.Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Stabbed by the tip of the ship.The Little Mermaid
Cause of DeathVictimMovie
Eaten by hyenas.The Lion King
Hanged by vines.Tarzan
Tripped and fell out of the tower to her death.Tangled
Fell off the side of the cliff after stabbing the main character.Beauty and the Beast
Fell off Big Ben after it striked.The Mouse Detective
Stabbed after turned into a dragon.Sleeping Beauty
Sucked into a jet.The Incredibles
Eaten by mother's baby birds.A Bug's Life
Stabbed by Gaston

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