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Can you name the All OUAT Characters (S1-S6)?

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The Savior/The Dark Swan
The Evil Queen
The Truest Believer
The Fairest Princess
The Pauper and Fairest's Son
The Pauper
The Prince
The Giantslayer
The Pauper's Mother
The Pauper's Father
The Prince's Adoptive Father
The Dwarf who hates smiling
The Dwarf who is a Doctor
The Dwarf with Allergies
The Tired Dwarf
The Shy Dwarf
The Extremely Cheerful Dwarf
The Quiet Dwarf getting a degree
The Dwarf that died
The Dwarf in Charge
The Magic Mirror
The Blue Fairy
The Green Fairy
The Silver Fairy who lives in Wonderland
The Pink Fairy
The Black Fairy
The Crimson Fairy
Cinderella's Fairy
The Conscious
The Conscious's Mother
The Conscious's Father
The Carpenter's Fahter
The Carpenter's Mother
The Carpenter
The Puppet turn into a real boy
The Beauty's Mother
The Beauty's Father
The Beauty's Fiance
The Beauty
The Beauty's Son
The Gold Spinner
The Gold Spinner's Son
The Gold Spinner's Wife
The Devishly Handsome Pirate
Hook's Brother
Hook's Father
Hook's Other Brother
The Housemaid
The Housemaid's Prince
The Housemaid's Daughter
The Evil Stepmother
The Evil Stepsister
The Nicer Stepsister
The Nicer Stepsister's Lover
The Mouse
The King
Snow's Mother
Snow's Father
The Queen of Hearts
The Evil Queen's First Love
The Valet
The Wicked Witch
The Wicked Witch's Daughter
The Wicked Witch's Father
The Thief
The Thief's Son
The Thief's Wife
The First Sleeping Beauty
The Second Sleeping Beauty's Father
The Second Sleeping Beauty
The Second Sleeping Beauty's Prince
The Evil Fairy
The Evil Fairy's Daughter
The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid's Prince
The Sea Witch
The Sea Witch's Father
The Sea Goddess
A Famous Captain
Hook's First Mate
The Previous Dark One
The Pied Piper
A Lost Boy
The Shadow
The Snow Queen
The Snow Queen's Sister
The Snow Queen's Other Sister
The Snow Queen's Father
The Ice Queen
The Ice Queen's Sister
The Ice Queen's Brother in Law
The Reindeer
The Giant Snowman
The Ice Queen's Enemy
Leader of the Rock Trolls
The Duke of Weaselton ;)
A Werewolf
Red's Mother
Red's Grandmother
Red's Former Boyfriend
Little Red Riding Hood
The Girl with a Dog
The Girl's Dog
The Girl's Aunt
The Good Witch of the South
A Witch of Oz
Another Witch of Oz
The Wizard of Oz
She wants to destroy Magic
He wants to destroy Magic
Greg/Owen's Father
A Lady who control Animals
The Previous Author
Cruella's Mother
The Cannibal Witch
The Boy who Cannibal tries to eat
The Girl who Cannibal tries to eat
Hansel and Gretel's Dad
The God of the Underworld
The God of Skies
The Demi-God Hero
The Demi-God Hero's Girlfriend
The Darlings
The Darlings
The Darlings
The Darlings
The Darlings
The Darlings
The Former King of DunBroch
The Former Queen of DunBroch
The Current Queen of DunBroch
The Three Princes of DunBroch
The Witch
Lord 1
Lord 2
Lord 3
The Sorcerer
His Apprentice
The Wielder of Excalibur
The Queen of Camelot
The First Dark One
A Knight of the Roundtable
A Knight of the Roundtable
A Cruel Sir
Arthur's Aide
A Dreadful Knight
A Mister
A Doctor
Another Doctor
^His Daughter
A Princess Trapped in a Tower
A Princess from Agrabah
A Sultan
A Street Rat
A Evil Sorcerer
An Lady who can tell the future
A Count, not Dracula
The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter's Daughter
The Huntsman
A Crazy Doctor
Frankenstein's Monster/Brother
Their Father
Snow's Nanny
Snow's Handmaiden
A Warlord known for her sheep
A Knight from Connecticut
Morgan's Daughter
Killed by Nimue
The Orderly
Captain of the Nautilus
Another Captain
A Bounty Hunter
A Great Hero
The Tin Man
The Cowardly
A Thief from the Wish Realm
The other Evil Queen
The Merry Men (2 of Them)
A Great Female Warrior
A Sheriff
A Woman who can see the future
A Woman from Emma's Past
A King who turns things to Gold
His Daughter
Her Lover, (A Golden Knight)
A Giant
His Brother
His Other Brother
A Great Healer
Another Healer
A Little Girl named

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