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Republican President (1921-1923)
Republican President (1923-1929)
Republican President (1929-1933)
Isolationism and Laissez-faire 'Return to ,,.'
Scandel where Secretary of Interior Albert Fall took a bribe
Catholic to receive Democratic Nomination in 1928
Keeping jobs open to nonunion workers
Group if Americans that continued to struggle economically because of overproduction
Company's Invention of assembly line led to major increase in automobile
New technological medium
Electricity, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, advertising, automobiles, stores, etc. led to this
By 1929, over 80 million tickets were sold each week
fashionable female
combination belief of Darwism and the Bible
Writer disilluined by consumerism
illegal bar
The Great Gatsby
At its strongest point--anti African American, anti Catholic, anti-Jewish, etc.
trial agains two anarchists who were convicted and executed
Laws that retstricted Southern and Eastern Europeans from immigrating into America
African American Renaissance of writers, artists, and musicians
Outlawed war
Conference that reduced naval armaments
smuggling of alcohol
Crime boss in Chicago
trial on the teaching of evolution in schools
Amendent that gave women the right to vote
Amendent that prohibited the buying and selling of alcohol
Black Nationalism Leader- Back to Africa
Palmer Raids were part of this Scare

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