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A ______ is a software program that enables the computer hardware to communicate with computer software
Can Microsoft Office run without windows?
OSx is made by which company?
The 'NT' in 'Windows NT' stands for
The 'CE' in 'Windows CE' stands for?
The major flaw in Windows 2000 was that you could not run which type of application?
A 32bit computer can only recognize 4 Gb or RAM. How much RAM can a 64 bit computer running Windows XP Pro recognize?
What was Windows Vista's 'code name' while in development at Microsoft?
The newest OS put out by Microsoft is called?
Which version of Windows XP is made for business and power-users?
To record media onto a hard drive in Window Media Center, a ________ is required.
There are two editions of Windows Server... Windows server 2008, and Windows Server _______?
To run windows XP you are required to have a Motherboard, RAM, HDD Space, a Graphics Card, and ________.
What was the first ever edition of a Windows Operating System?
The 'SE' in 'Windows 98SE' stands for?
What was windows 'Plug and Play' feature nicknamed when it first came out in 1995?
Windows CE was meant for _____ (devices used instead of cell phones)?
In 2000, Windows CE changed it's name to this?
Modern day operating systems use this feature (abbreviated GUI) to make the system appealing to the eye.
Before GUIs were in existence, everything was run bya _______ line interface.
This was the first widely used OS to feature a GUI.
This is a generic name for a UNIX-like operating system which has an open source license.
MS-DOS stands for?
QDOS stands for?
This is the first computer language program written for a personal computer

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