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Can you name the random facts in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog?

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What is the building that the courier van is parked in front of?
What substance does Dr. Horrible need to obtain to create his freeze ray?
What should one not do to this substance?
What is the last word in the first act?
What does Moist's shirt say as he discusses Dr. Horrible's plan to get into the ELE by assassination?
Captain Hammer doesn't go to the gym, because he's just
What country does Dr. Horrible plan to give to Penny?
As Dr. Horrible sits in his armchair, it can be seen that he has two copies of the same book. What is this book?
The actors who play groupies number 1, 2, and 3, respectively:
ELE members: Professor ________
Fake ______ _________
____ Bowie
Snake ____
____ Leika
Bad _____
What does Billy 'accidentally' end up with two of?
Who does Moist suggest Dr. Horrible assassinate in order to gain acceptance into the ELE?
What will Bad Horse do if you don't make him gleeful?

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