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Can you name the Name the anime based on the given hints?

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HintAnime Title Bonus Hints
Number one hyper active knuckle head ninja Team 7
'I'm going to be king of the pirates'9 current crew members
Soul reapers13 captians
Ones the teacher the other the student at cram schoolSpawns of satan
Delinquent dies and is brought backSpirit detective
Kamehameha Supersayin, cell, boo
People are all some how linked together thanks to one person who likes playing with humansDullahan and throwing vending machines
Strange family gets stumbled upon by a girl living in the woodsRice ball!
Behind the walls is where humanity restsScouting regimen; military police
Dragon slayers and alternate worlds are all hereGuilds are fun just don't reck another town
Water, earth, fire, airNot technically an anime
They 'sold' parts of their body in exchange for a homunculusDon't call the main character short...
Do shinigami like apples?Don't eat the investigator's cake
Her parents turned into pigsShe rides a dragon
Girl falls down a well and takes her to another eraThey collect pieces of a sacred gem
The main character only knows military stuff reallyHim and the main girl are constantly bickering
Night school is apparently only for hot peopleMain character can't remember her past
Clumsy kid is in training to be a mobsterHe gets a flame on his head
I'm simply one hell of a...Once you sell your soul they'll do anything
Innocence is a virtueDon't bring back the dead, it'll kill you, literally
People are weaponsYou don't want Excalibur
Bad @$$ baby wielding thugbaby happens to be another spawn of satan
HintAnime Title Bonus Hints
Branch of sinYou really don't wanna lose carnival corpse
' I Lelouch Vi Britania command you...'They're Japanese not 11s
Unlikely friends end up at a bus stop in the rain togetherLittle girls and a strange creature
Theres sure to be someone here who suits your tasteTwincest, the boy lollita, dark mysterious, etc.
Shotaro you're going downCorn is the only boy she can trust...
Three years after the original when pervy sage took him awayAlthough Sasuke is still messed up
On his birthday he developed a family secret multiple personalitiesGoes and steals things
The hero is reverted into child form and must travel around with their grand daughterSequel to a sequel
SwimmingSwim club
The show that never ends, yet he's still 10Gotta catch'em all
Video game where you can't escapeThe only way to win is to reach the top level
Duel!The kid has multiple personalities
Little children fighting each other with people as their mastersLook like little puppets
Keep your hue clearDon't trust the sibyl system
After having his memories rewritten he goes back to a normal life until he comes in contact with someone from his pastThose Britanians will pay
There are unknown gods who'll do anything for that 5 yenOnce again people are weapons
The doves are everywhere is it even safe?Not for one species who eat humans
A video game when some people are actually dying but they're not trappedLock your doors so no one can kill you
Wolf girl wants to show the humans that they're wrongIron can turn gods in demons
From a fire family but he has the power of the windHe'll do pretty much anything for money
The waste is a dangerous place where witches and wizards liveThis wizard is rumored to steal pretty girls hearts

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