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The Ottoman Empire was primarily focused in what Modern day country?
Century in which the Turks came to power
The first leader that brought the Ottoman empire to power
The name of the well-armed military that was able spread control of the Balkans
Leader that ended the rule of the Byantine Empire
Year in which the Turks captured the capital
The capital of the Empire
Current name of the Capital
Peninsula where the Turks ruled
Sultan that took control of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Arabia
Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina where in this religious heartland
These officials collected taxes and maintained law and order
Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria were conquered in the quest to rule the
Laid seige in this city in Austria, which backfired and were pushed out of Hungary
Empires success was largely based in their knowledge of new technology in firearms known as the '________________ empire'
Head or King of the Ottoman Empire
The private or 'sacred place' of the Sultan; residence
Sultan controlled his bureaucracy through an imperial council. The chief minister or __________ was in charge
A group of land the empire was divided into
Group of religious advisors that maintained Islamic law
Non-Muslims in the empire could practice religion if they paid a fee called a
The greatest contribution that the Ottoman Empire had on the world
One of the greatest Ottoman architects that built 81 domed shaped mosques
Outside of the elite, these people had the most privileges
Women were viewed as equal to
Europeans both feared and admired this Sultan who was at the height of the Ottoman Empire
Officials and merchants were influenced by whom
Two of his Suleyman's sons were _________ because of suspicions to treason
This type of drink was at one time outlawed
Selim II was a poor ruler who contributed to the empire's ______________

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