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What 3 things did China have that nobody else had?in alphabetical order
What did China want that they traded for?'''''' trade
Where did China get the silver from?in alphabetical order
Why did they want silver so bad?silver is 'valueable'
Who did China eventually trade the silver with?----------
What did the Chinese trade the silver for?began a war
Who won the Opium War?----------
When did the Opium War occur?----------
Which civilization, Western or Eastern, had worse war occurance?----------
What does the writer of the article about east and west civilization say is the cause of the high war occurance in western civilization?An important book
What time period was the Ming Dynasty?long ago...
How did the Yuan dynasty begin?foreign rule of the country
Who was a leader of the rebellion against the Mongols?Emperor Hongwu
What system of life became popular?way of life in China
What did the Chinese do to show off their power?Other people wanted to trade with them, but they didn't really want to.
Who attacked the Ming Dynasty that ended them?----------
The Manchus formed what dynasty?After Ming comes...
First Qing Emperor was...created a government like Ming's
Was Kangxi a successful leader?he was an amazing man who worked hard to improve
What did Kangxi do that was different from other emporers?pretty unique...
Were the Chinese and Mongols close or segregated?even dressed differenty
When the west caught up with the Chinese, they wanted to trade with them, but the Chinese...very heavily
What led to the Qing's war with the British?----------
What led to both the Ming and Qing's fall?----------
Admiral Yi was the Lord High Admiral of the Korean fleet during what dynasty?He was a Korean naval commander
The Koreans were invaded over and over again from who?Eventually led to war
Who had muskets and cannons? Japan or Korea?portuguese influence
Hideyohi invaded ----- in 1592.----------
Ming inventions saved Choson, but Korea lost....that's a lot of people!
Who was a figurehead for the Japanese Empire?emperor only responsible for religious functions
Who was the first military leader to unite daimyos?murdered in 1582 and best general took over
Who imposed laws the prevented warriors from leaving their daimyo's service to become merchants are farmers?Also a dictator and forced daimyo's to pledge their loyalty
What are the 3 daimyo groups?in alphabetical order
What system had daimyo's travel to Edo every other year and stay for one year?Expensive for the daimyos
Political system was made up of a council of elders and...'eyes and ears'
What were the social classes?Highest to lowest power
What consists of duty and honor as central values, samurai values spread to each class and complex rituals for etiquette?----------
Which dynasty adopted the Chinese model of beuratic centralization?1392-1450
Did women's rights get better or worse during the Choson dynasty?Property more difficult to inherit, filial piety, restricted outside
Who made a strong military, confiscated monastery property and created a good base for the state? Capital was also moved to Seoul at this time,
Who made the army better and expanded, established land tax, and introduced metallic and paper currency?the son of King T'aejong
Who were the hereditary warrior class in japan?----------
What is it called when a samurai is dishonored then ritual suicide?----------
What was the warrior government called?daimyo was powerful and ronin is a samurai without daimyo
Who were the women that were exprienced in things like singing, dancing, and playing traditional instrumentsmeans artistic and accomplished
When is one a full fledged geisha?begin at 6 or 7

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