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Broken wing, empty glass, words that_____ and bounce right backRise and Fall, Rage and Grace
This is life what a **** up thing we do. what a nightmare come true or a _____ if we chooseIxnay on the Hombre
He needed some new tunes not just any will suffice but they didnt have ___ ____ so he bought vanilla iceAmericana
Before you started ____ you used to have a brainSmash
I'm not the one who acted like a ____ what must i be the one who has to know?Splinter
Hey you're a____ I say as i move asideIgnition
I want you all ____ I want you badConspiracy of One
In a world with out ____ who'd start all the wars?The Offspring
How can one little street ____ so many lives?Americana
Back off your rules, back off your ____Ixnay on the Hombre
I know she's playing with me thats ok cause I've got no ____ ____Smash
Some days my soul's _____ and out of mindAmericana
There she goes same old ____ that never endsConspiracy of One
Tonight this hood will be a ____ im gonna set your house on fireIgnition
Everybody's getting with I say ____ are a lot but heySplinter
She talks about ____ and that validation bitAmericana
Johnny was a ____ well what did you expect?Ignition
And if we're all just ____ is it so wrong to be afraid?The Offspring
Something's odd feel like I'm God you ____ dumbshit goddam mother ****Smash
With a thousand ____ and a good disguise hit him right between the eyesRise and Fall, Rage and Grace

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