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Lead singer of the Hobgoblins
Arrested Marvolo Gaunt
Ron's True Love
Murdered Emeric the Evil
Attended Yule Ball with Fleur Delacour
Grandfather of Draco
Examines OWLs
Tom Riddle's First Girlfriend
Irish Chaser
Teased Myrtle
Fan of Gilderoy Lockhart, who writes every week
Shares a room with Harry
Gryffindor student who lusts after Harry
Gryffindor Beater
Harry's True Love
Ron's father
Arthur's father
Molly's brother
Passenger on the Knight Bus
Best Friend
A Minister of Magic
Main Character
Spy in the Ministry
Neville's Grandmother
Editor of the Quibbler
Dudley's friend in book 1
Accompanies the Dursley's in book 7
Author of Magical Theory
Also accompanies the Dursley's in book 7
Former Headmaster of Hogwarts, helps Arthur be found in book 5

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