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QUIZ: Can you name the what's new scoobydoo episodes?

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ghoul,monster,ghostepisodewho it really is
snow creatureavalanche anderson
dinosaur spiritsanor sapeda and heather
the space apeprofessor janet lawrence
jed and calebcrowdad mike and his bus driver
possessed mystery machinesusan dimwittie
ghost of rufus raucusphyllidia flanders
roller ghosterterry
jungle demonshenry and honey hi hunsuckers
ghoul,monster,ghostepisodewho it really is
motoshanducruncy(charles granville)
headless snowmanprofessor william fagen higginson
living toysmr claphammer,the security guard
faceless phantomvincent wong
zombie gladiator and the emperorhugo,the night guard and captain guzman
ghost of cab cray the baseball spectrebob taylor
30ft shaggyprofessor pomprit
mummyprof kazzal

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